By Esther Akinbola                                   

Koma people are found in Ganye Chiefdom, in the present Jada local government area of Adamawa State. It is a district of mountainous settlements bordering Cameroon Republic. 

The Koma People live in caves and they are always naked.

The Koma ethnic group are made up of people who are entirely committed to their traditional culture.

They share a border with Cameroon and are divided into three main groups: the hill-dwelling Beya and Ndamti, and the Vomni and Verre lowlanders.

The Koma people speak their own language known as Koma; a language of the Niger-Congo family. There are about 36 settlements on the mountain topled by different clan heads or chiefs. What is amazing is that the 36 settlements orclans have different languages but with similar dialects

And as mentioned earlier, the Komas are committed to their tradition. They still use traditional salt (Mangul) produced from the hills for cooking. They don’t use matches to make fire, but rub stones together to ignite the fire.

With all of this, we can say they are cut-off from the rest of the Nigerian societies in terms of modern civilization.

The Koma people, according to findings, have respect for their chiefs, elders and the government agents, but would never trade their beliefs.

With the rate at which modernization and globalisation has taken over, the Koma tribe is still adamant about their unimaginable culture.