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The Sacred Woods

Many African villages in Ivory Coast are witnessing change over time, yet, "Latt", the spiritual master of the Boubouri village continues to adhere to teaching the customs and traditions of “the Celebration of the Generations.” His attempt to preserve his ancestors’ legacy takes place at a time when the youth of the village show indifference to these cultural practices. The spiritual master’s struggle to maintain the ancestral tradition is put forward in the film as he faces a number of difficulties when passing the ceremonial habits of “the Celebration of the Generations.” It is through his son and many young people that the master works at preserving the identity and customs of the Adjoukrou people and the Boubouri village in spite of the new generation’s disregard of the tradition and the cultural heritage it bears.

Year: 2020
Time: 51min
Release Date: January, 2020
Producer Abdallah Chamekh( International Media Art)
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