Healing A Nation


Haiti’s resilience in the midst of his historical trauma

There is a critical dearth of safe, culturally relevant and competent Mental Health Services in Haiti, due to lack of social service and mental health infrastructure, lack of affordable resources, shortage of trained clinicians, and shortage of funding for potentially useful psychotropic medications.
The death of Jean-Richard Saintal who suffered a traumatic psychotic break while in residential care at a psychiatric hospital in Haiti.
The story behind “Healing A Nation” is that a social worker, Jean-Richard Saintal from the Cité Soleil region of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He suffered what appeared to be a traumatic psychotic break.
Jean-Richard’s preventable death while in residential care at a psychiatric hospital in Haiti was an outrage.
It underscores how many disadvantaged individuals with mental disorders who reach out to the Haitian Mental Health system fail to receive the help and in fact, may face neglect, poor care and eventually life-threatening conditions.
The film comprises interviews of Richard’s relatives, social work colleagues of Richard, a nurse who had worked in the hospital where Richard sought treatment, psychologists from the State University of Haiti who are part of the UEH SHARE Haiti team and mental health experts from universities across the U.S., and individuals with mental disorders and their significant others.


Jean-Rene Rinvil

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