• Obama told young voters he knows Joe Biden better than almost anybody and he trusts him to make a good president
  • His presence in Biden’s campaign is billed to attract Latinos, black men and young voters; groups that are believed to count when it comes to deciding who will ascend to power
  • Obama will hit the road by holding socially distanced rallies starting with a speech in Philadelphia on Wednesday

Former US president Barack Obama has sent a passionate message to young voters and urged them to “create a new normal” by electing Joe Biden president.
In a message shared on his Twitter account, Obama said one most inspiring thing he has witnessed this year was the vigour showed by young people who are thirsty for change.

He described Democratic nominee Biden as a revolutionist who was keen at effecting change and setting up a system that was going to treat everybody equally.
“One of the most inspiring things about this year has been seeing so many young people organising, marching, and fighting for change.

Your generation can be the one that creates a new normal in America, the one that is fair and where the system treats everybody equally and gives ever body opportunity. Voting doesnt accomplish that on its own…but we can’t accomplish that without voting. The momentum will continue after voting,” said Obama.
While touting Biden as the best option for America come November 3 when the presidential election will be held, Obama said he “knew Biden better than almost anybody and he trusted him to be a great president”.

“He is different, he is on the right side of the issues and he will get the job done. Joe and his vice president nominee Kamala Hariss will want you to continue pushing them to get the job done. This is how your generation is going to change the game entirely. Let us go win this thing,” he continued.
The ex-US head of state joins Biden’s campaigns at the home stretch and he is expected to hit the road today, Wednesday, October 21, with a speech in Philadelphia, CNN reported.
His meetings will be socially distanced just like those of Biden who has been meeting smaller groups of people and sometimes addressing people while in their cars.

Obama’s presence in the campaigned is deemed to bolster Biden’s support. Section of observers believe Obama will be key at attracting young voters, Latinos and black men into the Democratic camp.
He is also one of the most influential leaders the Democratic party has had in the recent past.

As separately reported by TUKO.co.ke, Biden and his contender Donald Trump will on Thursday, October 22, lock horns in the last presidential debate.
Organisers of the event said an opponents mic will be muted when his contender will be speaking to prevent interruptions witnessed during the first debate where Trump was put on the spot for causing chaos.