Pop star Lady Gaga was slammed as being out of touch with Americans after posting a video of herself wearing camouflage and drinking what appears to be a beer while urging Americans in battleground state to vote for Joe Biden.

“Hey. This is Lady Gaga. I’m voting for America, which means I’m voting for Joe Biden. And if you live in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, or Arizona, I encourage you to vote. And if you have a friend that lives there, tell them to vote,” she said in the video posted to Twitter Saturday.

“I’m gonna be in one of these states tomorrow. Guess which one I’ll be in? Hint: I used to live there,” she adds, ostensibly referring to Pennsylvania.

The A Star is Born actress was immediately criticized on Twitter for being out of touch with the average American.

“Lady Gaga’s impression of a normal person needs a lot of work. Probably because she’s never been around one in her whole life,” conservative columnist Matt Walsh tweeted.

Others joined Walsh in their criticisms.

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Germanotta, released another ad last week urging people to vote while wearing some of her most iconic stage outfits.

“If you want this country to be different than it is right now, you have got to participate in this election,” she said in the video. “I’m telling you no matter how you feel, your future is still in your hands with this vote.”