The Ministry of Health will ensure that Kenyans easily access contraception services during the Covid-19 period to reduce pressure on the country’s health system.
Speaking on Saturday at a Nairobi hotel when Kenya marked the World Contraception Day, Health Cabinet Administrative Secretary Dr Mercy Mwangangi (pictured) said there is a need for an informed decision-making process at all levels to inform strategy on the unmet needs in matters regarding Family Planning.
Mwangangi, however, said the unmet needs of family planning gap has narrowed.
The CAS emphasised the need for better family planning methods, saying they save lives and contribute to the country’s journey to attain Sustainable Development Goals.
“Family planning saves lives and immensely contributes to the country’s journey in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals, there is no doubt about that,” she said.
She said the use of modern contraceptives among married women has increased from 36 per cent in 2007 to 62 per cent currently.
The move to make contraception services by the ministry has been informed by recent research by United Nation Population Fund- Kenya which projected that 47 million women in low- and middle-income countries may not be able to access modern contraceptives during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Contraception allows people to decide, plan and attain their desired number of children, as well as determine the spacing of pregnancies.
World Contraception Day is an annual worldwide campaign that aims at improving awareness of contraceptive choices available in Kenya and the world for Women and Men of Reproductive age by ensuring every pregnancy is planned and wanted.