For most of Love Island season two, fans have steadily watched to see whether Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks have enough chemistry to remain together and stay coupled through the end. Yes, Johnny may have shared one version of the truth about his very brief situationship with Mercades Schell, but it turns out that Cely might soon learn there’s more to the story.
In an exclusive clip obtained by E! News, the Cely-Johnny train appears to be on the verge of derailing in the Friday, Sept. 18 episode. The new video begins with Johnny freaking out and confronting Cely about whether she’s become googly-eyed over a different single. Remember, three new hot guys joined the cast this week, sparking an immediate shift in the house. “She definitely likes the guy. She likes him after one conversation,” he tells the guys, “It’s because of what I did.”
Meet the Cast of Love Island Season 2
Then, the plot thickens during a challenge called “Sucker Punch” in which the contestants fill in the blanks to the following question: “Y’all gonna tell _ the real truth about what happened with _ in Casa Amor?? Because what he said was not even half of what really happened.”
Of course, the two aforementioned blanks turn out to be Cely and Johnny, and Justine Ndiba then prepares to get something off her chest: “Knowing how Cely is I just don’t want her to look stupid ‘cause she’s been nothing but loyal.” Yikes.