The Rwandan community living in Ethiopia and Djibouti on Saturday, October 3, participated in a virtual combined event celebrating Patriotism Day, Kwibohora 26, and Umuganura.
The virtual ceremony attracted discussions mainly on patriotism, Umuganura, and Rwanda’s liberation journey.
Presiding over the ceremony, Edouard Bamporiki, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Youth and Culture explained the values of patriotism, among them, putting the country before self.
Rwandans celebrate Patriotism Day on October 1, of every year.
The annual event coincides with the anniversary of the launch of the four-year liberation struggle in 1990.
According to Bamporiki, Rwandans in the Diaspora have a role to search for good seeds and support for the country.
The state minister also explained the history of Umuganura as an opportunity for the King to serve and closely engage the Rwandan people.
The practice, he said, was destroyed by colonialists in favour of Christian practices.
“The Rwanda we want is one where everyone has a say and a role and that youth are the central pillars of development connecting the elders and the young generations.” Bamporiki asserted.
In her remarks, Rwanda’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Ambassador Hope Tumukunde thanked participants and appreciated the communities’ support, citing that it is crucial to work together and uplift each other for shared development.
Ambassador Tumukunde further encouraged the youth to apply the values of patriotism and determination in their daily life.
Commenting on the liberation journey, she said that it has much to do with loyalty to one’s country, and this should be strengthened through unity.