The government is holding further talks with the devolved nations over Christmas rules, as Boris Johnson resists demands to rethink the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions over the festive period.

He will face MPs in the Commons and later address Tory backbenchers and declare his opposition to dropping plans for three households to meet up from 23 to 27 December.

However, the prime minister is expected to urge people to self-isolate before joining up with other households and the government is poised to issue tougher guidance for the festive period.

Besides isolating before meeting up, the new guidance is expected to include a plea to stay local where possible and think carefully before meeting elderly and clinically vulnerable people.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick told Sky News that people should “use their own personal judgement and think carefully” about what is right for their family over Christmas.

Citing the rise in infections in the United States following the Thanksgiving holiday, Mr. Jenrick acknowledged that allowing different households to meet up over the festive period “will have consequences”.